Ghost Town

Ghost Town is a new 1 man show, written by Will Croft. A dark comedy-drama set during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The story follows the protagonist, Boyce, and his buffoonish sidekick, as their dwindling supply of heroin catapults them into reality, forcing them to face harsh truths.

Their dealer, Mental Mick, who usually preys on vulnerable addicts, is left alone with his thoughts and spiralling violent demeanour.

Meanwhile, grief stricken businessman Norman, finds himself out of his depth when he attempts a dodgy money-making scheme smuggling diamonds.

The show was written in the first two months of lockdown, stemming from contemplations of what ‘panic buying’ and ‘essential items’ means for someone whose life relies entirely on getting high. When many of us are sifting through puzzle pieces or the umpteenth bottle of wine, what does ‘#newnormal’ entail when you have a deadly physical addiction, forced to do nothing?

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