Past Shows

The Drayton Arms Theatre 11th Feb – 29th Feb (Tuesday – Saturday)

Have you ever wondered what goes through people’s head in certain situations What do you think about during a date? Or the random thoughts that go through your head during sex? What about when someone’s mental health is deteriorating?

The story follows Ben, a working class chef, whose life spirals out of control after trying to rekindle a relationship with his mum. His work, friendships and love life are all tested as his week goes from bad to worse. Netflix & Chill is a dark comedy that explores mental health, toxic masculinity, what goes through your inner monologue when “Netflix & Chilling” along with stories of tragic sexual conquests, Magaluf prostitutes, and ejaculating into a bus tray.

Reviews for Netflix and Chill

“However dark the play becomes, it is portrayed with great humour and the bravado of lads banter lifts the dark moments into something completely relatable and real.”

‘A compelling look at the false bonhomie of lads’ culture and why some men kill themselves’

All in all, ‘Netflix & Chill’ is a funny yet powerful play about mental health, self image, suicide, lad culture and the importance of human connection.

Tickets are now on sale!

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